May 2013

Down To A Tee

Continuing on our theme relating to our latest delivery of Zoe Karssen tees and sweats, we became inspired by the good weather and thought ‘Down To A Tee’ would inspire you too. Time to ditch the old yellowing tee’s from last year, the ones that have faded in the sun, gone a nice shade of grey or have the remnants of red wine from summer bbq’s past. It may have

Zoe Karssen has established itself as one of the coolest off-duty brands, sticking to their formula of easy to wear tees and sweats. The key is simplicity but always having a theme or reference that is tongue-in-cheek, quirky and fun. Our latest delivery takes inspiration from New York, with hooded sweats and baseball tees featuring slogans such as ‘New York Girls’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Riot’ and ‘Homme’. We also have our staple

Every month we await the arrival of the ‘Fashion Bible’, Vogue. We digest every single fabulous detail without fail. Easily we get transported into shoots where fashion alludes this link between high society and class, we all want this, we all want to be this chic, but is it real? We don’t think so, hence the rise of fashion photography in blog form. Let’s look at our choice of bloggers


May 2013

Denim And White

It’s more than an obsession but we can’t stop thinking about ‘Denim & White’. When it comes to the love of denim we have had to call in the experts for inspiration, aka, Elle & Tash from the inspirational blog ‘They All Hate Us’. They have mastered it to perfection, so we decided to put together a pick of what we think they would chose if they were to shop