Any label promising “you will feel cool and protected”, see this as your one way, affordable fast track ticket to a place on street style blogs everywhere… it kind of caught our attention. We have been seeing our street style favourite Viviana Volpicella, a freelance sylist from Milan, championing these mirror lenses of purple and blue for quite some time at Fashion Weeks. Then there’s the chic Italian women such

When it comes to any Isabel Marant collection you can be guaranteed streetwise and sexy. In her own words winter has to be comfortable and cosy, never pretty of fancy. She has to be counted as one of the most globally desired brands in the fashion industry. Her formula works it’s about the jacket and heel, a pant, a top and most of all: Girls get it. They buy it.

Good underwear is a serious life benefit and we love our new/old brand just in-store, Schiesser.