Feb 2017

Think Pink

Think Pink! Everyone is talking about or wearing it in Рvarious tones, shades and textures. Pink is THE colour to add to your wardrobe for SS17, as decreed by no less than the Parisian triumvirate of Chloe, Celine and Givenchy. From  Baby to Barbie, Candyfloss t0 Calpol and all the shades in between; there is a pink for everyone Even jewellery and metallics are getting in on the act,

Spring’s New Make-Up Mood ¬† As Spring arrives at last, its time for a beauty update- a make-up bag ‘spring clean’ if you will! Swap winter’s moody hues for spring’s fresh new colour, from soft lilac to shell pink; with a dash of sunset gold or metallic rose thrown in for good measure. Think clean, youthful and undeniably pretty, all set on a base of perfectly luminous skin. Here are