Are you the woman who starts getting dressed up and then decides she can’t be bothered and puts on her jeans instead; if so, you are our kind of woman. There’s not so many brands you can dress up in every day, but at Please Don’t Tell we are trying to make this easier for our customer. For when you have to work, when you have to run, bring your

When you’re putting together a wardrobe, regardless of the season, there are a few basics that are absolutely essential. A white shirt, winter coat and leather boots all feature pretty high on the list but perhaps the most fundamental part of any wardrobe is denim. Denim is the master of all disguises. During the day denim is cool, laid-back, easy-breezy. At night it morphs into sexy and vampy with the


Jan 2012


It’s coming to that awkward time of the year, that in-between-season time when we’re just not quite sure what to wear. Our wardrobes are full of all the dark, rich colours of A/W but as the days start to get longer and the temperature starts to rise (ever-so-slightly) we’re left in need of a bit of inspiration on how to revive our Winter wardrobes. We reminded you in a previous


Sep 2011


The next few weeks are going to throw up the perennial dressing problem – what to wear as the seasons are changing? When you want to put away your summer wardrobe and start sporting the new autumn looks but don’t want to overdo the layers… When the temperature has dropped a few degrees, but the need for thick knits and heavy coats is (fingers crossed) a while away… And when


Sep 2011

Love Story…

Our love affair with the Seventies shows no sign of waning, with designers such as MiH continuing their dalliance into Autumn… It is easy to see the appeal of the wide leg trouser – so easy to work for day or night. Investing in the perfect pair, for us at Please Don’t Tell, creates the most flattering silhouette and suits almost all body shapes. Keep them long so you can