Nov 2012


There are hundreds of lists out there of the top movies you must see before you die; there’s horror movies, romcoms, action, thrillers…but we’ve compiled our own list of must-see movies: The top 10 Most Fashionable Films! A list of films that have had an impact on our style. After all, fashion may be created on the runways and interpreted on the street but it’s on the big screen that


Oct 2012


Car.a.dise | noun : referring to the divine Cara Delevingne, aka SS13’s hardest working model, who walked for every big designer going. Example: “Last day of ‘Caradise'”, tweeted by photographer Matt Irwin. Of all the models to have walked the SS13 catwalks Cara Delevingne is the one that grabbed our attention. Famous for her dainty features and big, bushy eyebrows the 20-year-old beauty has replaced Karlie Kloss as the season’s


Sep 2012

Monthly Muse

To choose a muse couldn’t be easier than the woman who considers herself an important figure in the world of fashion, Daphne Guinness. She is a notable face, an icon and here at Please Don’t Tell we have become a little bit obsessed with her. Her pedigree is something else, being an heir by direct descent of Arthur Guinness, the inventor of the beer that still bears his name. Her

It’s quite by chance that after deciding to write a blog about one of our favourite models, she seems to be very a la mode this month anyway. In the May edition of Vogue.co.uk Laura Bailey shares her fashion and style choices everyday in ‘Today I’m Wearing’ and here at Please Don’t Tell we are going to share why we choose her for our go-to girl for style. Firstly, it


Feb 2012


With one of the most coveted wardrobes in the universe and currently gracing the front cover of Elle, it would seem that Alexa Chung has it all. With a CV that reads more like every girl’s dream wish-list (British fashion ambassador, stylist, writer, model, front-row regular, influential clotheshorse, presenter, DJ, contributing editor to British Vogue, style icon) this 28-year-old’s talents and achievements are endless. Throw in her devilish wit, wicked


Jan 2012


Ms. Palermo….how do you do it? How do you manage to look so effortlessly stylish in all the trends the fashion world throws at you? A genuine fashion chameleon and arguably the most stylish lady in the entire universe (yes, even more fashionable than Miss Sarah Jessica Parker, oh blasphemy!) your ability to carry off any trend, even the most ridiculous ones, with such ease leaves the rest of watching

Here at Please Don’t Tell we are obsessing over the fabulous Lauren Hutton, the epitome of that free-spirited, laid-back, all-American style. With her voluminous mane and that infamous gap between her front teeth she captured our attention in the hit films American Gigolo and The Gambler but it’s really her under-stated dress sense that we love.   Her ability to make a simple T-shirt and pair of denim jeans look