Nov 2016

Oversize Me

Oversize Me


This season is about all things oversized; And if  you’re like me, the step away from tight clothing is welcomed with open arms! Tighter clothing requires a particular body type and a certain degree of confidence. Oversized, on the other hand, looks great on everyone.

If you are interested in jumping on the oversized trend, but are unsure how to do it, here are a few tips on how to nail it….

What Works Best

Always restrict the baggy or oversized separate to the top or bottom of your look. It is essential to balance volumes and dress proportionately. For instance, if you plan to wear an oversized shirt or blazer, pick a pair of skinny jeans or fitted pencil skirt to go with it.


Go Big With Your Tee


Not only will you be super comfortable, but you will look ridiculously chic.. Best of both worlds!  A fool-proof way to carry off oversized t shirts and sweatshirts is to show more leg. Another winning look involves teaming a pair of denim shorts or a micro-mini skirt with oversized knits and shirts….

Embrace Sweater Weather

Sweater weather is upon us; embrace it and wear a chunky knit.


Kanye West has cornered the market on oversized sweatshirts so much so that an entire post could be dedicated to his love of oversized sweatshirts. He has the right idea though! This style is chic and can be worn a multitude of ways (both dressed up and dressed down).

Boost Your Outerwear


A long, loose blazer can look cool if teamed with a pair of fitted jeans or midi skirt.

This is probably the most wearable of the oversized trend, especially for those who are leery of trying it. Oversized outerwear is not only stylish, its practical. Think of all the layers you can wear when its cold outside!

Check out some of our favourite pieces available in-store & online….



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