What Is Shrobing, And How To Wear It?

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We can thank Balenciaga designer, Demna Gvasalia for our obsession with artful outerwear off-shoulder styling. His debut show for AW16 showcased an upscale anorak, which was cut and styled to be worn peeled-down off the shoulders. The contrast of wearing ordinary outwear as though if were an exotic opera-coat was startlingly modern. And so…. The trend for ‘shrobing‘ (i.e. shoulder-robing) was born!

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I believe there is always appeal in a look that appears nonchalant and ‘thrown on’, which is what this is (similar to the shirt half tucked-in, half tucked-out trend). Although, of course, it takes a lot more prepping than if you just put your coat on properly.

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Fast forward to 2017s February fashion month, and it seems the only way to wear that pinstriped, puffer or track top, is yanked downwards. The neckline skimming the d√©colletage and revealing the back of the neck.¬†There are a few rules to note in order to pull off a successful shrobe: It doesn’t work with every coat, the fabric has to be fairly fluid – you can’t take a tailored wool coat and shrobe it; it just looks wrong! Be prepared to go hands-free; there’s no shoulder left to hang a handbag on, so its about going it alone with your iPhone and credit card, and making the most of those oh so stylish utility pockets.

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Our advice? Move quickly. There’s the danger of the shrobing trend reaching saturation point – we might all have to actually start wearing our coats properly, with arms fed through sleeves and fitted up onto the shoulders.

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